As everyday passes by, we are always somewhere. These are the hidden places of our everyday life. They are always there, but we rarely think of them as something noteworthy. Suddenly, something occurs and your gaze stops and takes hold. The field of view is widened, aperture is increased, the eye settles. Small shifts in perspective, the eye moves back and forth in endless motion. The eye is sensitive to light, so even in a dull darkness nuances becomes clear.

In a serie of images I examines what happens when perspective is slightly shifted and places seen from a new position.
The photos are captured in the house where I live in downtown Malmö. Motifs are either very dark in itself, or night-shots with only little ambient light.
At a first glance, my eyes sees nothing when confronted with these hidden places of my everyday life. It reminds me about entering a dark room, it’s not before your eyes adjust to the darkness that you are able to distinguish shapes and details.