I am an artist, photographer, curator and art coordinator based in Malmö, (SE), 
working with visual and conceptual projects with existential character in Sweden 
and abroad.

I got my education at the Art Academy in Oslo and Copenhagen. I work both 
individually and in collaboration with other visual and sound artists.

Art is a prerequisite for understanding my surroundings, my time and my life. 
Art adds new dimensions, it represents other ways of seeing the world and it 
inspires innovation. To me, art gives visual experiences and knowledge that 
can give surprises, it can also have a political/ethical content that addresses 
and reminds us of values in society.

I am a woman, mom, human, passionate visionary, realist, dreamer, funny, 
boring, sad, clever, sensitive and tough at the same time.

Among everything I am a really dedicated photographer. I just love to work 
with the exact moment, the precise time, the specific environment, the situation, 
where the surroundings and time go to a particular point, a point where I totally 
lose myself into the moment of sight.

I run projects and implement them in different contexts. My roles in these are 
both artistic and project management. I do photographic assignments and 
documentation work, teaches, lectures, works as art guides and have previously 
worked as an intendent at Malmö Museums.

Suddenly I found myself having over 20 years experience in being an artist and 
not long ago at all, I didn’t think THAT would ever happen. Well it did and here 
I am more curious than ever.

In my image making, I strive to open up the field of view between the ugly and 
the beautiful, the dark and the light, between beauty and decay.

By focusing on just the intersection between these two extremes, I would try to 
widen gaze and see what otherwise often remains unseen.

Usually I find the motives in my everyday life, in my or in the viewer´s immediate 
vicinity. It may be in the building where I live, in the withered perennials in my 
garden or in the gallery space where the viewer stands for the moment.

Then for many years I work with photography, often in a combination with texts 
and in a context of visually consistent surveying. My photography’s is in a context 
of concept and poetry either in picture suites, photo animations or in installations. 
I also work with mixed media and have collaboration projects with musicians. Very 
often I focus on the light or on the absence of light and on what you can see in 
almost total darkness.

My camera is like a third eye that I use to note what I see and what I think about. 
I use it to materialize my thoughts and I dig into the material and go further and 
longer to investigate existential issues.

I like to dream, to sit and watch a flower, to smell, to use my senses. I like 
digging like a madman and clearing weeds feels like it cleans up in my 
Then I'm calm; I can see what's growing up ... if only for a moment.